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Emangre is a village situated in South Garo Hills. It is one of the 172 villages of Baghmara Block. Most of the people here are illiterate.. The Rewak-Emangre Corridor is located in the south Garo Hills within the traditional tribal lands of the Garo communities. These hills are home to 60 per cent of the 1,800 Asian elephants that roam Meghalaya’s upland terrain. Major occupation in the area is agriculture Farmers here practice traditional slash-and-burn farming, known locally as jhumming.  Over time the productivity of the jhummed fields has decreased and other issues including soil erosion and water shortages have arisen in these once densely forested areas. In addition, the expansion of farming increases conflict between humans and wild animals such as elephants and primates such as the Western Hoolock Gibbon (Hoolock hoolock), conflict arises because the natural forest habitats have been depleted, and the animals are increasingly straying into areas of human settlement. They are also directly responsible for human injury or loss of life. For these reasons, Garo villagers are forced to keep a stringent watch over their crops, armed with firecrackers to scare away intruding elephants. The protection of the Rewak-Emangre corridor will help the unhindered movement of elephants from Balphakram National Park to Nokrek National Park. There is currently a habitat restoration program, that will restore and protect previously degraded areas of the forest by planting indigenous trees. The Village Forest Reserve has already been demarcated for inclusion into the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council’s protection network. WLT and WTI are supporting the community to develop sustainable farming practices and an economy based on conservation.

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