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Meghalaya Tourism Packages

Meghalaya Tourism: Best of Meghalaya

Meghalaya is famous for being the wettest place in the world. Shilong is the capital city of Meghalaya and lies in the north-eastern Himalayas. It has many lush green landscapes and picturesque surroundings.

The state has always captured the heart of travellers. A Meghalaya package tour is a must if you want to experience the mesmerizing beauty of nature. This place has never failed to impress travellers during their Meghalaya Package tours.

Meghalaya is home to an extraordinary diversity of people. The sightseeing in Meghalaya package tour includes plenty of suitable places for travellers of every age group. With several beautiful places and lots to do, the Meghalaya tour packages will cover everything needed to make your trip memorable.

Meghalaya package tour will let you experience a lot more places and activities. We offer you the best Meghalaya tourism packages that will make your trip more wonderful. The hotels and resorts that we introduce to you in our Meghalaya tour packages also provide you with warm hospitality. The state also shares its borders with the Bangladeshi divisions in the South.

Why visit Meghalaya?

Earlier, the state was a part of Assam. But in 1972, it became a full-fledged state. With the help of Meghalaya tourism packages, you will get to know about the state’s wildlife treasures.

Meghalaya tourism is appreciated to be one of the most popular tourism among Northeast India’s seven sisters. Our Meghalaya tourism packages have been making their place in the tourism industry due to their affordable range

  • Meghalaya tour packagesallow you to experience wildlife’s beauty by visiting its National parks and biosphere reserves.
  • The Nokrek National Park, situated in Meghalaya, is listed as the UNESCO’S Biosphere reserve.
  • The state also allows you to enjoy many water sports near Umiam Lake during your MeghalayaPackage tours. The primary food crops of Meghalaya are Rice and Maize.
  • The tourists can enjoy rowboats, paddleboats, sailing, and much more during their MeghalayaPackage tours. Meghalaya is also home to many fascinating caves.
  • Talking about the culture of Meghalaya, tourists can learn a lot about the various dance forms, festivals, and music fairs that are held all across the state in their Meghalaya tour packages.
  • The most important festival of the state is Wangala. It is a harvest festival that is celebrated by the Garo tribe of Meghalaya.
  • Meghalaya tourismis also famous for its handicrafts that are designed by its skilled tribal people.
  • The two main tribes of Meghalaya are Garo and Khasi. These tribes are famous for their weaving and handicraft skills. Thus, we also include a visit to the local markets in all our Meghalaya tourism packages. Also, the local people of Meghalaya are very cheerful and helpful. Couples will enjoy this romantic Meghalaya package tourbecause of its pleasant climate and adventurous activities.

You will experience one of the best days of your life during your Meghalaya Package tour.

When to visit Meghalaya?

The state is blessed with a moderate climate throughout the year. Tourists can plan their Meghalaya tour packages in any season. The state is home to many beaches where a tourist can sunbathe. The state also offers you many incredible locations for honeymoons, family tours, and solo ventures.

Meghalaya has many mid-range and low budget hotels for your accommodations. Meghalaya also is home to many species like red panda, gorillas, and gibbons. The temperature in the state rarely goes beyond 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the best time to plan Meghalaya tour packages could be between October to June. It would be best not to for Meghalaya tour packages during the monsoon season’s peak.

Tourism guidelines for tourists who visit Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a destination that is full of many attractive destinations and cuisines. All the accommodation and transportation services during your Meghalaya tourism are very welcoming and comfortable.

According to his or her budget, a tourist can choose from various accommodation services with the help of our Meghalaya tourism packages. We will help you find the most reasonable and affordable options with our Meghalaya package tours to help you make a quick decision.

Here are a few guidelines that you must consider to enjoy your Meghalaya tourism package:

  • If you are planning to avail of the Meghalaya tour packagesduring the summers, make sure you are carrying an umbrella with you.
  • You can also bring with you a sunscreen lotion and sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes.
  • If you are not from India, ensure that you have enough Indian currency for your accommodation and transportation.
  • Always try to keep your money bag and other expensive stuff safe during your Meghalaya tourism.
  • Try to stay away from unauthorized or fake tourist agents during your Meghalaya tourism.
  • If you are not from India, keep your passports and other identification documents safe in your pocket.
  • It is always good to learn some local languages to better communicate with the local people. This will make your Meghalaya tour package more memorable.
  • Do not enter any unsafe or restricted area of the state.
 Top destinations to visit in Meghalaya

Meghalaya means the “abode of clouds,” and Meghalaya tourism is a paradise for all nature lovers. The state is bordered by Assam in the north and meets Bangladesh in the South.

  • Meghalaya is filled with huge hills and lakes. Therefore, there is no shortage of tourist places in Meghalaya. You can also experience cascading waterfalls and rivers in the state in your Meghalaya tour packages.
  • Various tourist destinations of the state are Shillong, Nongpoh, Baghmara, and Cherrapunjee.
  • The region of Meghalaya is mostly plateau. Thirty per cent of the area of the state is covered with forest and wildlife.
  • Cherrapunjee is famous for its heavy rainfall. The central place of attraction in Cherrapunjee is Double-decker Root Bridge.
  • The major tourist attraction during your Meghalaya tour packageis the strawberry festival of Meghalaya. The state is also filled with many music lovers.
Why choose the Meghalaya tour and packages for your holidays?
  • Our companycan provide you with a lot of information about the latest travelling and tourism trends all around the country. We know the best and affordable prices for all the tourism activities in this state.
  • Weare well-aware of all the popular attractions and destinations. Our Meghalaya tourism packages are well customized according to the budget and needs of the customer.
  • We will offer you the most comfortable and affordable Meghalaya package tours. We know what a customer wants in his or her Meghalaya tour packages, and therefore, we design our packages accordingly.
  • We will provide you with all the travel arrangements at affordable rates in Meghalaya. We are always ready to assist you in everything from the first day of your Meghalaya tourism packagewith us.
  • We make sure that you experience a hassle-free, memorable, and comfortable holiday with us. Our team will let you know all the Meghalaya tourism packagesthat come under your budget.
  • Meghalaya tourism packagesprovide you with many guided tours for your Meghalaya tourism package. We also know about the state’s unsafe and restricted places, and therefore, we will inform you about them beforehand.
  • We appoint professional and experienced guides to assist you at every place during your Meghalaya tourism. You can trust us for a safe and secure Meghalaya tourism package.

The state is blessed with diverse cultures, wildlife diversity and sports, tribal festivals, and many other adventures that a person needs for a memorable Meghalaya Package tour.

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