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Meghalaya Famous Places

Tourist Destinations of Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a gorgeous abode to the most beautiful places on earth. Cherrapunji, which used to be on the top of the list where rain never stopped for the entire year, and Shillong, which is a popular tourist spot to indulge in mountains and a get away from the busy world.

There are some stunning Meghalaya visiting places that you can’t miss when you stay there for the first time. Our team will make the perfect Meghalaya itinerary for you, including all the Meghalaya famous places. 

Places to visit in Meghalaya


As we mentioned before, Cherrapunji is known to be one of the wettest places on earth that receive maximum rainfall every year. People from around the world come to visit to experience the exotic waterfalls and caves.

When you are at Cherrapunji, count Nohkalikai Falls is among the most beautiful Meghalaya places to visit. Nohkalikai is a magnificent waterfall that is the tallest waterfall among the evergreen rainforest located in Khasi Hill. The view of the waterfall is breathtaking and soothing. Kynrem and Dain Thlen waterfalls are some other famous Meghalaya tourist places that people prefer to visit after Nohkalikai.

Some other Meghalaya visiting places that tourists admire are Seven Sisters Falls, Eco-park, Living Root Bridges, Mawsmai, and the Garden of Caves. With our team, you can plan your Meghalaya itinerary according to your preferences and get the best deals.

  • Gorgeous view of the fall
  • Experience the clean blue water of the waterfalls
Balpakram National Park

This national park is situated in Garo Hills. This is among the must Meghalaya visiting places and is called a traveller’s paradise and ‘Land of spirits.’ The national park is rich in biodiversity, and you can visit such Meghalaya tour places for a fun time with family and enjoy Meghalaya’s vibe.

After exploring nature, you will also find unique species of animals in the National Park you haven’t seen before. We prefer including Balpakram National Park in Meghalaya itinerary with other Meghalaya famous places.

Tourists often compare this national park to the Great Canyon in the USA. Apart from all the Meghalaya visiting places, this park catches your attention instantly. The accommodation facility nearby is comfortable and affordable.

  • Rich biodiversity
  • Beautiful view of mountains and nature
Nohsngithiang Falls

Nohsngithiang Falls is a must. When you take a look at the photo of this fall — only one word comes out –WOW! It must be on top of your list of Meghalaya places to visit. This waterfall is among the Meghalaya famous places which tourists come to endeavour from across the world.

It is commonly known to be Mawsmai falls or the Seven Sister Falls. The name is so because Seven identical waterfalls flow beside each other from the top of the hill. The view is breathtaking.

One of the many Meghalaya tourist places, this is a gorgeous waterfall that no one misses when they visit Meghalaya.

  • Breathtaking view of the waterfall
  • One of the tallest waterfalls in India
Double Decker Living Foot Bridge

Cherrapunji has some amazing sights to visit, and this bridge is one of the popular Meghalaya visiting places. This bridge is made by roots of the Indian rubber tree; innovative, isn’t it? You can see how nature has built a bridge by itself.

It is another must Meghalaya places to visit you can’t miss. The bridge is 3 km long and 2400 meters high. The most stunning view of the bridge is when you stand on the bridge and look below as the Umshiang river flows beneath it.

  • Top Meghalaya visiting places
  • The long trek to reach the bridge
Don Bosco Museum

Any tourist location is empty without a museum. While you browse for Meghalaya tourist places, make sure to check out this museum.

Situated in Shillong, it is a 7-stored historical museum with over 17 galleries put up on display and comes under the Meghalaya famous places.

It is one of the top Meghalaya visiting places in terms of cultural history and experiencing the story of Meghalaya first hand. Apart from the gallery display, you will also see antiques, clothing, weapons, and excellent craftwork of different tribes and their culture and way of living.

  • Get to know about unknown tribal culture
  • Display of cultural history of Meghalaya
Mawlynnong Village and Waterfall

A large part of Meghalaya tourist places are villages and small towns. In this village, you will explore their culture and lifestyle. The village lifestyle in Meghalaya is very different from where we come from – cities.

Mawlynnong is the cleanest village in Asia! It is one of the most breathtaking Meghalaya tour places with a combination of waterfalls, root bridges, and so much more.

You can take full experience of such Meghalaya tour places by living in the bamboo houses. You can stay there and explore village life at its best.

The waterfall is one of the stunning Meghalaya visiting places, which gives your eyes pleasure as you come across this scenic beauty.

  • Exotic view of the waterfall
  • Experience living in the cleanest village of Asia
Umiam Lake

It is one of the most exotic Meghalaya tourist places of all time. It is a spectacular man-made reservoir situated 15 km away from Shillong. When you look at the lake with your eyes, you will be fascinated by it and realize why locals and tourists suggest this lake as a must-visit place in Shillong.

A lot of adventures are possible in this place, and that’s why it is among the most adventurous Meghalaya visiting places. You can go boating, kayaking, scooting, water cycling, and a lot more.

  • Umiam lake is compared to the lakes of Scotland for its picturesque and beautiful scenery and calm surroundings.
  • Stay beside the lake and enjoy the environment in a houseboat.
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