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Khasi Archery Centre

A popular local traditional sport of the Khasis is Archery, where teams compete to hit a cylindrical straw target mounted on a bamboo pole. Khasi Archery Centre in Shillong is the place where a 50 odd archers play this betting game known as the Thoh Tim / Siat Khnam / Teer. Khasi Archery is called as Ka Rongbiria locally & the Bow (Khnam) + Arrow (Iasum). You will find tiny wooden stalls accepting bets for this daily gamble throughout Shillong. One can bet on the Last 2 Digits of the total number of arrows that hits the target in 02 round of shooting! If you place a bet of INR 20 & match the last 2 digits of these 2 rounds, you are a King Gambler winning INR 80,000 (Hola !!!)

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