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Nartiang Durga Temple

Its extraordinary compared to other Shakti Peethas! Nartiang Durga Mandir is around 60 km away from Shillong and its a 600 year old Durga Sanctuary situated in West Jaintia Slopes in Meghalaya. The street till the sanctuary is very acceptable. Be cautious at some narrow patches, close to the temple. Steps to go to temple are bit worn out, be cautious, or better experience choose to go through the government office, which is very close to temple. This is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of Hindu community, Nartiang Durga Mandir is a 500-year-old holy place gave to the goddess Durga. Blood has consistently denoted this extremely old sanctum to Durga in Nartiang, high in the Jaintia Slopes. It is a position of abnormal force, where they state the spirit of man can leave its human loop. Where one can discover recovery. Where murkiness and light coincide — and the draw of both is solid. It is a spot with a living awareness, ascending from some place profound inside the hill of old stone and forests, even as the waters of the Myntang waterway whirl around and surround it, as though in a grasp. Goddesse’s left thigh is accepted to have fallen at Nartiang in the Jaintia Slopes. Subsequently the Goddess here is known as ‘Jainteshwari’.

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