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Nartiang Monoliths

Khasi and Jaintia Slopes in Meghalaya are fairly covered with Stone monuments all through the length and expanses. Be that as it may, the greatest assortment of stone monuments or Gigantic stones in a single region is to be discovered north of the Nartiang market. These comprises of Menhirs (Upstanding stones) Moo Shynrang and Tombs (level stones in the even position) privately known as Moo Kynthai. Inside the perimetre of these Gigantic assortment stands the tallest Menhir raised by U Blemish Phalyngki a believed lieutenant of the Jaintia Lord to remember his triumph in fight. Different stone monuments were raised by the erstwhile kings of Nartiang town between 1500A.D.and l835A.D.

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