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Siju Caves

Siju Caves, popularly known as Bat Caves, is a prominent tourist attraction in Meghalaya. They are the third largest cave in India located in Garo Hills. It is also called as Dabokhol that means cave in local language. It is the longest cave in the Indian subcontinent and contains the formations of the stalagmites. These caves are unique because only quarter part of the cave receives the sunlight during the day. Rest part remains dark throughout the year. A major portion of this cave remains unexplored by the human race. In order to explore the caves one has to carry basic tools such as torch light and waterproof shoes, extra pair of clothes etc. The visitors are expected to wear woolens to protect themselves from the cold atmosphere. Interestingly, the temperatures drop down below zero degrees in these caves during winters in Meghalaya. As water is flows continuously, the rocks are slippery. During the rainy season, the water level may increase without warning. It is wise to seek guidance from natives. Siju Caves is a residence for the flying fox or the bat. It is said that countless bats reside in these caves. There are no hotels, or restaurants in the vicinity. There is also an electricity problem. An amazing travel attraction catches the attention of the people immediately. Siju is a place that can be visited throughout the year without any hassle. Exploring the unexplored part of these caves is an experience in itself.
Siju Caves are well connected to all major roads in Tura district.

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