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Snake Stone

The snake stone is indeed a remarkable stone structure as its a elongated replica of a snake discovered in a village called Kawegre at Mahendraganj along the international border. The stone resembles a snake about 20 ft. in length. This snake stone was accidentally dug upon by the villagers of Kawegre during making of a road to the village. During the excavation, the villagers also discovered stone idols and earthen pots at the location. It is only after the excavation of this place can anything concrete be said about the history of the place. History was re-written, as this archaeological site in South West Garo Hills, is believed to be an important religious centre cast out of mighty Brahmaputra from the fourth century AD. The site has not been properly promoted hence only a few devotees, tourists and students visit this area. It demands instant attention, recognition, publicity and research.

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