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Tura is a hilly town and a municipality in West Garo Hills district in Meghalaya.  It is one of the largest towns in Meghalaya. Tura the headquarter of West Garo Hills, is 323 kms. from Shillong The town is named after a powerful goddess Durama-Imbama. Tura town is a valley situated at the foot of Tura peak.  Tura has a weekly bazaar where one can savour uncommon fruits like chambal and local vegetables like apalka, bamboo shoots, which are used to make chutney and pickle, and rangchu (red rice).Tura has a matrilineal system where women play a lead role in decision-making. However, the head of the family is a male. The youngest daughter inherits the property and takes care of the parents. Majority of the population are Christians. Two major churches are Tura Baptist Church and the Sacred Heart Shrine. Lying at the confluence of Ganol and Rongram rivers, just 9 kms from Tura on the Tura Guwahati road is an ideal picnic spot Chibragre.

Tura Peak

Tura Peak is located in West Garo Hills District. At a height of 1400m, the peak offers some of the finest views of the hills against a backdrop of low-lying plains and sweeping curve of the mighty river. This beautiful and majestic hill stands on the eastern side of Tura overlooking the town of Tura. Local legend has it that the peak provides a sacred sanctum to the ‘Gods’ It is also claimed that Tura was traditionally known as Dura, but due to mispronunciation by the British it got the present name of Tura. It takes almost three hours to ascend and descend the peak. The Tura range has been declared a reserve forest with an observatory, a Cinchona plantation and a tourist bungalow located in its vicinity. A magnificent view of the lower Brahmaputra valley as well as the golden yellow plains of Bangladesh can be seen all year round from the peak. At viewpoint, one can watch the waterfall. A foot-track or path developed during the British Raj is still in existence.  Tourists and adventurers use this alike to reach Tura peak with ease and comfort. The peak offers some of the finest views of the hills against a backdrop of low lying plains and sweeping curve of the mighty

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