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Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake located at a distance of 15 kilometers north of Shillong is also  locally known as Dam Sait and  is a captivating man-made reservoir,. Also known as “Bara Pani” or the Big Water, Umiam Lake is a part of a dam, constructed as a first Hydel Power Project to generate hydroelectric power in the early 1960s by the Assam Electricity board. Its original purpose was to store water for hydroelectric purposes. The scenic lake that serves as a major tourist attraction is encircled by lush green East Khasi hills and form one of the best panoramic sights. The serene lake or the reservoir is surrounded by thick coniferous forests and expands over an area of about 222 square kilometres. Umiam Lake is often compared with the beautiful and mesmerizing lakes of Scotland. The lake also has beautiful garden near its shores that add to its charms named Lum Nehru Park.. Moreover, there are small islands that rise from the water that look exceedingly beautiful .It is a popular destination for water sports and adventure. Tourists visit here for kayaking, water cycling, scooting and boating. Tourists can also enjoy riding rowboats, paddleboats, sailing boats, cruise boats and speedboats. Adventure seekers can satisfy their craving at the Water Sports Complex by the Main Lake that has provisions for solo boating, kayaking and water skimming. Trekkers can trek through the dense forests and camp at Lumpongden Island in the reservoir. Building tents, making campfires and cooking food is indeed an out of the world experience. Fishing freaks can indulge themselves in fishing in the lake famous for its carps  and calfishes. The lake also provides numerous eco system services at micro, meso and macro levels. Downstream, irrigation. Fisheries and drinking water cater to the need of locals. Upstream the lake has become highly polluted due to increase in population and silting.

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