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Dawki is understood for its pristine lush green surroundings. The town is not just a tourist attraction but also one among the closest ‘Gateways to Bangladesh’. It has served as a trade centre between the two countries for an extended time. Dawki is especially known for coalmines and limestone exports, which maintain the trade between India and Bangladesh. In fact, it is the sole place where there is a road route to Bangladesh. The town by virtue of being located within the Jaintia Hills is blessed beauty and greenery.

Suspension Bridge @ Dawki: A bridge that connects the Umngot River was built in 1931 by British. . The emerald shade of the Dawki stream is that the real attraction of the place

Shnongpdeng this is often a little town along the Umngot River that, unlike the town of Dawki, is more of a hidden gem. Albeit the town lies mostly off the radar of tourists

Borhill falls is situated on the brink of Dawki India-Bangladesh outskirt. In Bangladesh, it is referred to as Pangtumai waterfalls. Pangtumai may be a lovely town of Sylhet region

Shnongpdeng  This is a small town along the Umngot River that, unlike the town of Dawki, is more of a hidden gem. Even though the town lies mostly off the radar of tourists, it is, inevitably one of the best things to see and do in Dawki.

Borhill falls otherwise called Bophill falls or Pangtumai falls, is situated close to Dawki India-Bangladesh outskirt. In Bangladesh it is known as Pangtumai waterfalls. Pangtumai is a lovely town of Sylhet region

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