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Jakrem is one of the unique villages of Meghalaya, located over 64 km from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. Jakrem is the land of hot springs & is a very less populated tourist destination in Meghalaya. The area is blessed with small containments of hot sulphur water springs, which is getting popular with the people across the world. Jakrem is quickly getting recognised for this. The sulphuric waters in these hot springs are believed to carry curative medicinal properties and is used by most tourists as a hot bath for good health. Being close to Shillong, Jakrem can be reached from the Mawkyrwat-Shillong Road, visitors can take a taxi or a bus and reach Jakrem to enjoy a relaxing dip in the hot waters, throughout the year. You must make sure that you are halting at the many villages enroute to Jakrem and experience a sumptuous authentic local Meghalayan meal.

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